Lots of activity

31 03 2007

Today I worked very hard on my blog, I made some more individual pages just to organize everything in a more orderly fashion. I am especially proud of my Myanmar page, where I have posted information and some pictures about my experiences while living in Myanmar (Burma) as a Buddhist monk.

I also put some of the things I did in Photoshop on my Portfolio page, and I added a lot of links to the Blogroll. These vary from consciousness and philosophy of mind to GNU/Linux and open source computer science and engineering books online.

There is a page about Citizen Journalism and Political philosophy and Online Activism. I squashed it all onto one page cause the navbar at the top got crowded and was squashed in underneath the present one, and it came out looking really awful. So I just collapsed some related categories into one and now it looks more manageable.

I reflect lot about what to put on the blog, and the best guideline I have used thus far involves putting up posts about stuff that I regularly read about, think about or write about.

So that will be my guiding principle, I hope it makes sense to visitors




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