Lots of activity

31 03 2007

Today I worked very hard on my blog, I made some more individual pages just to organize everything in a more orderly fashion. I am especially proud of my Myanmar page, where I have posted information and some pictures about my experiences while living in Myanmar (Burma) as a Buddhist monk.

I also put some of the things I did in Photoshop on my Portfolio page, and I added a lot of links to the Blogroll. These vary from consciousness and philosophy of mind to GNU/Linux and open source computer science and engineering books online.

There is a page about Citizen Journalism and Political philosophy and Online Activism. I squashed it all onto one page cause the navbar at the top got crowded and was squashed in underneath the present one, and it came out looking really awful. So I just collapsed some related categories into one and now it looks more manageable.

I reflect lot about what to put on the blog, and the best guideline I have used thus far involves putting up posts about stuff that I regularly read about, think about or write about.

So that will be my guiding principle, I hope it makes sense to visitors


welcome to oblonski’s

14 03 2007

welcome to oblonski’s

The urge to wanna start blogging overcame me and I had to give in, what can I say? Anyways, welcome to anyone who find themselves here, I hope you will find something interesting to read or mull over. This will essentially be a personal blog, with me putting here pictures and articles and written pieces about what currently is blowing my hair back. Not that I have any hair…

A short introduction: My name is oblonski, 32 year old male. I live in a small village high up in the mountains of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. I spend most of my time in front of a computer screen, I do graphic design and I’m trying to be good at Photoshop…

Apart from all that I also try different Linux distro’s from time to time, I like PCLinuxOS 0.93a the best and Knoppix 5 and Fedora Core 6 is a close second. I have a Pentium 4, 3.2Ghz, 1Gb RAM dual-booting Win XP Pro and PCLinuxOS 0.93a, which I connect with Sigmatel irDA dongle to my Nokia mobile to get online.

My favourites:


Lord of the Rings Trilogy- JRR Tolkien,

Pi – Daryn Aronofsky, Star Wars (entire series) – George Lucas,

Harry Potter (entire series) – JK Rowling,


Legends of the Fall,

First Knight


Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy – Douglas Adams,

DUNE – entire series – Frank Herbert,

Kim Stanley Robinson – Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars

AA Attanasio – Last Legends of Earth, Radix, The Dark Shore, The Shadow Eater, Wyvern

Raymond E. Feist – Magician, Darkness at Sethanon,

Techgnosis – Erik Davis,

365 TAO: Daily Meditations – Deng Ming-Dao

I Ching – Stephan Karcher (translator)

Photoshop and Dreamweaver Integration – Colin Smith

Photoshop 7 Bible Professional Edition – Deke McClelland

Godel, Escher, Bach – Douglas R. Hofstadter

The Art of Strategy, a new translation of Sun Tzu’s classic, The Art of War – R.L Wing

Healing with Ki-Kou: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing Techniques – Li Xiuling


Coldplay, REM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down,

Psy-trance – Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Prana, GMS, Juno Reactor, Green nuns of the Revolution et al

Drum ‘n Bass – Roni Size, Grooverider, T-Power, ShyFX, LTJ Bukem et al

At the moment I listen to: Buddha Bar vol. VII