11 08 2007

the whole issue of getting all the different social networking/bookmarking sites’ profiles into one page has now become a sort of personal mission for me, both because it makes it easier to manage and also because of the potential it has of becoming a personal publishing platform.

like your own personal media network, where you decide what content from which sources you want to share and how and when and where and why such sharing should be taking place in the first place

i have been trying to do this for a while now with facebook and stumbleupon and and wordpress and basically just testing out all the different capabilities and functions and special features of each service

then of course comes the part where all of this has to be linked and connected up together and i find that facebook works best for that purpose, in fact i am typing this post from within the wordpress app on my facebook profile

for all of this of course you need a good web browser and here, without any hesitation or dispute, i will recommend firefox, and the stumbleupon, and facebook add-ons (toolbars)
it is easy to, from within google reader, click on a link of a news article you like or find interesting, photoblog it with stumbleUpon, bookmark it with, and all of it is updated and cross-updated on your facebook, stumbleUpon, and wordPress blogs all at the same time or however you have configured or set it up

gmail of course is every web worker’s number one ally, then there is google docs and spreadsheets, google reader, calendar and maps etc to collaborate on projects with those that share your interests or guest posters/contributors etc etc

with google reader you keep track of the most important feeds from around the ‘blogosphere’, specifically those in your own field or sphere of interests and tastes

what you highlight or bookmark or share depends entirely on your ability to pick newsworthy or interesting items that other people would be interested in seeing or if you have a certain story or project or slant, this can form the basis for the theme of ‘your own personal publishing empire’