open courseware

On this page I will post links to and discuss some of the best open courseware sites on the Internet. As a hobbyist, I’m into open source software, the GNU/Linux operating system and programming in Python and Java. During my own research I came across many high quality resources that are released under either the GPL or Creative Commons licenses. These books and texts can be downloaded, copied and distributed for free, provided you don’t use it to make profit or misrepresent it as your own work.

The best site for Computer Science and Engineering books is

Other high quality open courseware sites are:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseware site

Wolfram Research’s MathWorld: The web’s most extensive mathematics resource

openLearn LearningSpace from the Open University in the UK.

Open of Course – free open content course and tutorials – here you can learn anything from Hindi to Russian to OpenOffice, Dreamweaver, Scribus etc. and it is free as in “beer”

The Stingy Scholar – How to Learn for Free on the web; excellent collection of resources and frequently updated with priceless nuggets the author finds during his travels through the information hyperspace

The Selfmade Scholar – how to take charge of your own independentl learning and a wealth of online resources to help in your Quest

The Open Book Project‘s mission is to “to encourage and coordinate collaboration among students and teachers for the development of high quality, freely distributable textbooks and educational materials on a wide range of topics”

The Internet Public Library – founded at the University of Michigan School of Information and now involving numerous institutions


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